Cape Town Shopping

Shopping Guide for Expats and Tourists to the Mother City

Our Expat Cape Town shopping guide will provide you with loads of tips and advice to get your arts and crafts shopping sorted. When looking for the typical and unusual gifts and souvenirs from your Cape Town trip, make sure to visit the shops we recommend below.

Shopping Centres

Know where the biggest and most popular shopping centres and malls are in Cape Town

Factory Shops

Learn where to find the best deals and discounted goods at the factory shops of big brands

Cape Town Markets

Know the best organic food markets or where to source authentic arts and crafts 

Arts & Crafts Shopping

Know where to buy locally manufactured arts and crafts to support local crafters

Who can get a tax refund?

Non-residents may claim tax refunds before departure when these facts apply...

Health Food Stores

Learn where to source health food and order organic fruit and vegetables from local traders

Expat Cape Town Shopping Guide

Shopping in Cape Town for Expats

Info on where and how to do your daily shopping in Cape Town and information about Cost of Living in Cape Town.
Read our article on Expat Shopping in Cape Town: Orientation and Basic Information

Shopping Centers in Cape Town

Know where the biggest and most popular shopping centers are located with map and listings. You will find also links to many shopping centers so you can check out exactly which stores are to be found in these shopping centers for your special requirements. Find here our listing of the best Cape Town shopping centers.

Cape Town Markets

There are many different markets in the Mother City. You will find many weekend markets for Organic Food and Crafts, some markets for antiques or bric-a-brac. The best Markets in Cape Town here. Great Christmas Markets in Cape Town here.

Health Food and Wellness Stores

Where to find organic food products and supplements as well as all for a special diet when staying in Cape Town.  Read where to buy health food in Cape Town.

Arts and Crafts: Buying souvenirs and gifts

Learn about insiders’ shopping places for buying locally manufactured bead crafts, wireworks, fabrics, pottery and woodcarvings. Get our Insider's Guide to the best Crafts and Souvenir shopping

Tax Free Shopping

How to do duty free shopping in Cape Town, learn where to get the tax rebate and what you should remember when buying gifts for overseas. Read more here.

Shopping for gemstones and jewelry shopping

Diamonds and Tanzanites are best to be bought at renowned Jewelers in Cape Town. Be sure to know what to look out for and where to get reasonable advice and where to book a diamond tour. Read more here.

Consumer Complaints

When something goes wrong, know your rights. Read more here about the Consumer Protection Act. I hope your shopping experiences in Cape Town will be as pleasant as ours, and yes, you are most welcome to send us your own genuine shopping recommendations, no sales pitches or promotional ads please. And enjoy shopping in Cape Town:-) 

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