Cape Town Charities

Are you looking for a special treat or gift with a meaning? Cape Town charities are welcoming your donations and make them go a long way.

But you might wonder: Where to start? Who to trust? Which charities should you definitely give a "helping hand"?

A gift with a meaning

Screening at the Labia May 2018

Any help or donation will be appreciated. In fact, supporting a charity, is as simple as making some time to go to the restaurant or even going to the movies: Two wonderful films will be re-screened this month at the Labia theatre to aid a local charity 'Streetsmart': These films are: the intimate drama, The Way, starring Martin Sheen, and the inspiringly beautiful travelogue, Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago. Both films, set on the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain, which draws people from all over the world on an epic pilgrimage every year.

The films in aid of Streetsmart are screened on Saturday 12 May 2018 at 13h45 an Sunday 13 May 2018 at 16h00

So many great causes to support

The charities in Cape Town are asking people to be aware that giving a handout to the homeless on the streets is merely a contributor to an ongoing existence of hand to mouth living. For someone to be truly rehabilitated into society, he or she will need to move away from dependency. And that is what NGOs provide: help to become independent again!

Cape Town Charities

There are many excellent NGO's that are appealing to the public for funds, donations or time and are urging people to please give what they can to these organisations. And here is how YOU can help:

Streetsmart charity - Expat Cape Town charities
  • StreetSmartIt is hardest not to give to those in need when you have just enjoyed a hearty meal yourself, but StreetSmart has a solution: They've partnered with city restaurants to add a minimum donation of R5 to your bill. Donations go to reintegration, education and skills training initiatives for street kids. Office of TreasuryOne, 3rd Floor, Deneb House, Cnr 368 Main & Browning Road, Observatory, T: 021 447 3227
  • SAYesMentoring: This initiative is a transition mentoring program that helps young people, aged between 14 and 25, prepare for the time when they have to leave children's homes or care. Mentors can also volunteer for a once-off inspiring drop-in session at the training centre in Woodstock, or for one-on-one consulting for one of the young people and mentor. 35 Brickfield Road, Woodstock/Cape Town. T: 021-830 0795
  • The ArkThis NGO gives temporary refuge to those in need. To continue doing this, they need maize meal, soup mix, blankets, warm socks, and cement and roofing sheets for the completion of their dining room. They also need help finishing their website. 5 Old Faure Road, Eersterivier, T: 021-843 3927
  • The Carpenter's ShopThey provide rehabilitation services and skills training for adults. They always need clothing for men in particular (pants sized 28 to 32, shoes sized 5 to 10, as well as jackets and caps), clothing for women (clothes sized 28 to 34, shoes sized 3 to 6) as well as computers. Clients of theirs also need sponsorship for their studies. 14A Roeland St, T: 021-461 5508
  • The HavenThis Cape Town charity help get the homeless home. They are in need of men's clothing, socks, shoes, pants and beanies, and jackets and jerseys for men and women, as well as tinned food and ingredients for soup. 2 Napier Street, Green Point, T: 021-25 4700
  • The HomesteadThis charitable organization provides residential care and family integration for boys. They are in need of long pants and warm tops (sizes 9/10 to medium) and shoes (sizes 3 to 8) for their boys, and well as a general handyman who is willing to give of their time and expertise. 150 Strand Street, T: 021 419 9763
  • SOS Childrens Village Cape TownDid you ever consider sponsoring a child? This is certainly more of a long-term commitment, but so worth every penny! You will get reports about "your" child in regular intervals and will help a great cause. This childrens' village opened its doors in 1996 and since has grown strong and is now home to over 140 orphaned and abandoned kids. SOS Childrens Village Thornton, T: 021 531 9487

Cape Town Central Improvement District Initiative

The Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) is a division of the Cape Town Partnership, a collaboration of the public and private sectors, working together to develop, promote and manage Cape Town's Central City. The Cape Town Partnership and the CCID were formed when the City of Cape Town, the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA), the Cape Town Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other stakeholders came together to address issues of urban degeneration, disinvestment in the Central City and related social problems.

The Central City's rapid regeneration process has been built upon the strength and pillars of successful private-public partnerships at both operational and strategic levels. There are dozens of excellent partner NGO's and Cape Town charities with whom they work to assist in rehabilitating people from a life on the streets, with all its related social problems. Read more about the CCID here.

Have you had any experiences with Cape Town charities and causes you do support? You can contact me on my contact form and let me know which one's are especially supportive and where expats are welcome to lend a hand and get a work permit to help in the charities. Remember you will need a work permit too when lending a hand at an NGO. 

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