Emergency Numbers for Cape Town

Emergency Numbers for Cape Town

Save these Cape Town Emergency Numbers on your phone, print and put them on your fridge or wherever you have them handy in case of an emergency situation or crisis, which hopefully will never happen...

Cape Town Emergency Numbers

Cape Town Emergency Numbers

Dial these numbers in case of a medical emergency and they will send out a doctor or ambulance.

  • Ambulance: 10177
  • ER 24 Emergency Medical Care/Private Ambulance: 084-124
  • Netcare Emergency Medical Care/Private Ambulance: 082-911
  • Poison Information Helpline (AfriTox): 0861-555-777 
  • Cape Town private hospitals

Search and Rescue Helplines

Take these Cape Town emergency numbers with you when out and about! Save them on your cell phone:

  • Sea Rescue: 112 or National Seas Rescue Institute: 082-380-3800 (also for after hours emergencies!)
  • Table Mountain/SA National Parks Emergencies: 107
  • Table Mountain National Park Hotline (Mountain Security/Crime/Wildfires): 086-110-6417 or 107 or 021-480-7700
  • Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR)/Metro Rescue Control Centre: 021-937-0300
  • Disaster Risk Management: 080-911-4357 or 021-480-7700

Crisis Help Lines

Crisis help lines
  • Aids Help Line: 0800-0123-22
  • Child Line: 0800-055-555
  • Child Welfare: 021-638-3127
  • Life Line: 0800-322-322 or 021-461-1111
  • Stop Gender Violence Line: 0800-150-150
  • Rape Crisis: 021-447-9762 (Cape Town)
  • Alcohol and Drug Crisis Help: 0800-435-748
  • Report a Missing Person: There is no waiting period for reporting a missing person! Go to your nearest police station immediately! Report also to PinkLadies.org.za and ask for assistance: WhatsApp ​072-214-7439 / 083-378-4882

Armed Response Companies - Emergency Hotlines

Should any emergency regarding your personal safety occur at home, contact your Armed Response Team. Use their meet and greet services when you arrive home late at night and are not sure if somebody followed you, they will make sure their customers get into their homes safely.

  • Fidelity ADT: 086-12-12301
  • Ithuba Protection Services: 0861-021-911
  • City Bowl Security/ City Bowl Armed Response (CBAR): 0860-15-15-15
  • District Watch Monte Vista: 021-559-3024
  • Halt Security Durbanville: 021-975-1503
  • Star Alarms: 021-55-66-911 or 021-557-1455

Water & Electricity Emergencies

  • Report electricity faults: 0860-103-089 (City of Cape Town Customer Care Centre)
  • Report water leaks/burst pipes: 0860-103-089 (City of Cape Town Customer Care Centre)
  • Report cable theft: 0800-222-771
  • Squatter control/Land invasion: 0800-225-669 (City of Cape Town Law Enforcement)
  • When life or property is endangered by fire, accidents and natural disasters: 021-480-7700 from cell phone (City of Cape Town Emergency Services) or 107 from landline

Expat Cape Town Tip:

Remember to also store on your cell phone, the contact number of your next of kin or emergency family contact:

Save the number under ICE (which stands for In Case of Emergency).

This number can be called also from a locked phone!

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