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The following expat resources are the best way to learn more about the destination of your new expat assignment. Living and working abroad really is quite an adventure, an experience of a lifetime often. So prepare well and make your move abroad as successful and enjoyable as can be.

Browse through our guide of expat resources and find great tips on living abroad. Here you will find the best resources for expatriates, book, websites and links to helpful expat organizations worldwide. So take your time and browse this section as in this most comprehensive guide you will find many valuable tips and links to help with your expat assignment.

 Top Ten Expat Guides - worldwide - 
for general expat info


Contact Network for Expatriates: Here you might find your long lost friends or get in contact with expats around the world. More info.


By Expat Women for Expat Women: This website includes stories, interviews and country information from around the world. More info.


Global relocation advice for expatriates covering visas, residency, overseas employment, buying property abroad, international schools, offshore finance and more. More info. 


Expat Information for many popular expat cities around the world with advice and links for expatriates covering shipping and relocation, city info, health, cost of living and more. More info.

Expat Info Desk

The Expat Info Desk directory - Dedicated to providing a complete online service for expatriates. More info.


Highly valuable info site on topics concerning all who want to work or study abroad and travel the world. With country specific tips and info. More info.


Global network and membership programme (entry fee) for expats with various events and info about the local communities. More info.


Expat survival guides with interviews and lots of basic facts to know - currently for Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and some other countries. More info


Networking and Info site with global reach. Lots of basic facts and tips for a large number of countries, with forum and classified section. More info.


Reliable information for families moving abroad with children. Relocation advice for parents and very useful tips for relocating with kids. More info.

More Expat Resources: great websites with personal touch
- expat experiences worldwide -

These personal accounts of expat life in different parts of the world are highly recommended readings, if you are looking for up-to-date expat resources and real experiences from expatriates about the following destinations:

Expat Guide to Australia

Detailed expatriate guide in which Sharon and Gareth share their secrets about their move to Perth and their great family life in Western Australia: www.immigrate-to-a-new-life-in-perth.com

Expat Guide to Brazil

Interested in info on expat life in Brazil? Go to gringoes.com and get a true inside look into living and working in Sao Paolo. Loads of great advice on housing and general living topics. Useful tourism info too. 

Books for Expatriates

If you are looking for recommended books for expatriates, guidebooks for expats and handbooks on how to deal with expat issues, then please find a long list of great reads on my special page which will be available here shortly.

Living in South Africa - Expat Guide Book by Regina Graeff and Derryn Campbell

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