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On our Expat Cape Town Facebook group and on our page, you can ask questions and get answers by expats living in Cape Town or find tips from passionate South African experts.

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Share your expat experiences or post your own Cape Town insider tips and show us what you love about living in Cape Town.

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Let's share our insights! Just join and comment on:

  • your favourite events and places for sunny or rainy days in the Mother city
  • your queries regarding housing, suburbs and schools
  • your favourite restaurants, beaches and activities in Cape Town
  • your culture shock experiences and coping strategies
  • your queries and tips for moving and immigration
  • what makes living so special in your favorite Cape Town suburb 
  • which events are great to visit

Ask questions, get answers and find tips on:

  • what makes living so special in your favorite Cape Town suburb 
  • where to find great shops, expat delicatessen, clubs and meet-ups, expat events and more
  • what you miss about Cape Town should you be one of the many South African expatriates living abroad...
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What else to know? Some Expat Cape Town forum rules

Well, in general, feel free to add everything other visitors, business travelers, Cape Town expats or expats-to-be will want to know. Just please stick to about expat related issues and don't spam. No advertising without prior request and only if permission is received.

Just one more thing...

There is so much negative news out there, let's keep this forum real and positive and share the good news

Read though our pinned post and enjoy our Cape Town expat forum.

If posts are considered rule or are reported, the post as well as the member will be removed from the group without prior notice. Similarly will be dealt with commercial posts or self-promoting of websites and blogs/commercial sales/job offers/company offers etc.

Have fun browsing the ExpatCapeTown Forum and adding your comments! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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