Cape Town Support Groups

Get help and advice with health issues

This is a listing of some Cape Town support groups where you can find help and support for a variety of health challenges. 

The organisations listed here offer mostly free counselling and advice and have regular meetings for members and interested people. The listing is in alphabetical order and just a start! Should you have more info on support groups please contact us and we will add these support groups here. 

Cape Town Support Groups


ADHASA provides information and support for families affected by ADD (attention deficit disorders) and ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders). The annual congress will take place in Sandton from 28 - 29 May 2016, but they have various members in the greater Cape Town area who can offer advice, referrals and arrange regular meetings.

Alzheimer's South Africa

Help for those affected by Alzheimer’s Disease. Founded in 1985 the organization provides support and advocacy for families and caregivers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Autism South Africa Support Group

Help and support structures for families affected by autism. You will find answers to your questions related to autism in South Africa. There are 10 more autism cases recorded every week in the Western Cape and one in 110 children suffers from this condition in South Africa. April is Autism Awareness Month.

Support for Cancer Sufferers: CANSA South Africa

CANSA is a volunteer based organization which provides information and support for those with cancer and help for their family members.

Cape Mental Health support & counselling

The organisation offers individual counselling and support for people with intellectual disabilities or psychiatric illnesses. Did you know that more than 16% of South Africa's population is suffering from some kind of mental health illness? Cape Mental Health provides education and awareness drives and offer a wide range of support.

Down Syndrome in South Africa

The Down Syndrome Association in the Western Cape was started in 1976 and offers a variety of support and help to people with Down Syndrome and similar disabilities and their families. Contact the center in Bellville for more information about regular meetings.

Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa

This organisation which was established already in 1980 plays a vital role in the fight agains heart disease and stroke and offers advice and free screenings for patients and informs about preventative measures in regards to food and health issues. They also hold regular meetings for those affected by cardiovascular disease.

La Leche League South Africa

This voluntary organisation provides advice on breastfeeding and parenting issues for new mothers and hold regular meetings in various Cape Town suburbs where new mums can get advice and find support.

Little People of South Africa

This support group provides help for people with achondroplasia or dwarfism in South Africa. There is also a Support Group in Cape Town which meets regularily once a month at the Bethany Fellowship in Claremont.

MENSA South Africa

The world's largest and oldest society for people with high IQ helps gifted kids with the MAGIC program. There is a Cape Town support group for families which runs regular activities for gifted children and their families.

Recovery Breast Cancer Support Group

The Western Cape branch of the Support Group meets every month for open meetings, come alone or with a friend, have a cup of tea and share some of your worries or listen to expert's talks. Contact numbers are to be found on the Reach for Recovery website.

 South African Depression and Anxiety Group SADAG

SADAG is running several support groups all over Cape Town. Please check their website to get help numbers and more info.

SpeakEasy Stuttering Support Group

Support group meeting for people who stutter with lots of info, discussions and sharing of ideas.

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