Travel Blog Awards

ExpatCapeTown has won several travel blog awards. Most recently we were awarded a silver medal by Bob around the World. We are ranked among the top 100 travel blogs in 2015.

In 2012, we had joined the South Africa tourism Fundi programme, now called 'SA Specialist' and enjoyed much exposure through our work on the 'Living in South Africa' book, which was shortlisted for the Richmond Book Town award in 2015. 

Earlier, we were listed in the Tripbase Travel Blog Awards 2011 as one of their top travel blogs, as you can read here. The winners of the prestigious travel blog awards in each category were choosen out of hundreds of thousands of travel blogs on the web.

More Travel Blog Awards

After having also won previously in the 2009 Tripbase travel blog awards, we were very delighted that the voting panel continued to value so highly my constantly updated content. No newer awards and travel competitions were hosted by Tripbase. 

In 2011, however, we were also one of the recipients of the Iglu Travel Awards. We were ranked among the top ten Cape Town blogs.

Writing about our experiences and family life in Cape Town helped us a lot when adjusting to our new life in South Africa, 'surviving' culture shock and opening up new horizons and also in getting in contact with many other expats in the Mother City. If you want to know more about how this website project began click here.

When you are transplanted into a new culture there are so many things to learn, you have to open your eyes wide and often have to try hard to understand how thinks work in your new environment.

Overcoming stereotype views is one of the major struggles when adjusting and with our site we wanted to help you seeing a bit more deeply into the workings of daily life in Cape Town.

So on our ExpatCapeTown blog, you not only can find out why Cape Town is such a great travel and expat destination, but also what's on in the Mother City, where to go, what to do and where to live with lots of culture shock advice and Cape Town Insights.

As our site is growing year after year and there is still so much info we intend to put on site and into this project, so keep our site bookmarked and join in the journey with us.

Thank You...

Thank you to all of you. We are very grateful that you like our way of digging deeper to find answers. We are glad that our info is helpful to many expatriates living in Cape Town South Africa as well or actually anybody interested in up-to-date insider information on the beautiful Mother City.

A big thank you to all of you joining in helping to make a valuable and helpful resource for expats and everybody else.

We want to thank all of you for leaving a comment, giving tips, advice and support. Your questions are always appreciated and help me researching more deeply into subjects.

And all your kind messages really get me going. It is so wonderful to get support from you Capetonians and (Expat)South Africans as well, we appreciate all your comments.

The biggest Thank You from me, goes to my husband and kids who helped to make our site project thrive! Thank You for your love, patience and support!

Big hugs,

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