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To change your lifestyle is often easier said than done! But it can be done! Life is too short to dread getting up in the morning and plodding along at work from 9 to 5 every day, counting the days to the next holidays...

As many of you might have read, our blog recently won another travel blog award and we are now ranked among the top 0.5% of successful travel websites worldwide and among the top 20,000 websites in South Africa. Following the recent award I got a lot of question from honest people who ask how to write a successful website.

Did you know that there are more than 200 million websites on the internet already? So the competition for the top spots is fierce. There are always some people who try to be clever and copy our content onto their blogs and websites to improve their readership and traffic rates. It is somehow really flattering to know that they like our website but copying other website or blog content is not the way to go and is punished harshly by the Search Engines. So not too much to worry on this side;-)

Now many of you might want to know from me how writing a website can change your lifestyle? Well, here you go. This is my little story…

Life changes...

Having been bitten by this travel bug which makes me extremely curious and eager to see and learn new things, countries and meet new people, I thought, I just have to give it a go and change my life around a bit more.

With a background in teaching and a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical experience I wanted to share my knowledge about expat life in different countries. Culture Shock had hit hard in South Africa and now here I was a stay at home mum looking for a 'new task'. So what to do with the info I collected over the months and years?

I wanted to reach people who look for specific info directly and give them real up-to-date insights, meet people, eventually make some money and still juggle my kids, hubby, travels and household chores.

Lifestyle changes

So my question was how can all my knowledge help others if I do not share it in a school, institution or university to a broader audience… and still stay at home and work from home whenever it suits me? This would really improve my lifestyle!

Being with my family and spending lots of time with them is fun, but I always loved my job too, but combining both always was quite tricky. Then one good friend had some advice: Write a website!

What? How should I do that? With only limited knowledge of computers as a whole and of the internet in specific?

I could send emails, do research or write articles, but design and provide meaningful content for our own website?

Don't hesitate, start now!

But my friend kept "nagging" and repeatedly told me to get going. He advised that writing a website is not at all scary, with the help of SBI, that is if you have got the right help. 'Don’t worry, don’t waste your energy. You will love it! You will earn as much money as you want or can put time into this project.'

Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But because I was curious and loads of information I thought: Give it a try! And here we are. I changed my lifestyle kind of from one day to the next. I took the chance and took out a (fully refundable) trial version of SBI and have not regretted it.

And reading the comments of our site visitors and our Facebook group members keeps me going and gives me big smiles every day! Now our online business has grown so much that we share our research and e-learning tools as well as expat information on various platforms. And I still enjoy my journey everyday more!

How you can change your lifestyle too

Share what you know best, you love to research and what you are passionate about. This way creating a website with the help of friends is a lot of fun too. Make sure to get the right help.

You do not want to have just one of the 200 Million websites and your info gets stuck somewhere in the search engines. You want your info to be found without using tricks.

Solo Build It is a great community of webmasters with forums where you can ask fellow webmasters for tips and get instant free advice on how to handle "emergencies" when getting stuck in building your site. With Solo Build It you will have all the tools you need to succeed.

Now here is some info about the fantastic support Solo Build It gives

So, that’s my little Change Your Lifestyle story. It changed my life and so it can change your lifestyle too! Give it a try.

P.S. Are you curious what do other people think about building a website and how this changed their lifestyles?

You will love it, I am sure.

Enjoy! :-)

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