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Cape Town Creative Week

13 - 21 September 2014

The showcases of the Cape Town Creative Week will bring you creativity in design, music, film, theatre, business, innovation, digital media and fine arts and crafts in Cape Town. 

The nine-day-programme will run from 13 to 21 September 2014 and provides a platform on which local creative and innovative industries can showcase their work. This year's motto is:

'Start where you are, use what you have and make what you can to celebrate everyday creativity.' 

Creative Week is a crowd-sourced programme of events, meetings, talks, open studios and exhibitions that grows and evolves as members of Cape Town’s creative and innovative community add their events to the calendar. Ultimately, the Cape Town Creative Week calendar is the go-to for all things creative and a companion to visitors to the Loeries events.

Arguably the most creative month on Cape Town’s calendar, September is always chock-a-block with events and functions as the city shakes off her winter coat. 

Meet the Maker events will offer a glimpse into the spaces, personalities and processes of many different types of local creatives through a series of studio visit experiences. 

What’s on during the Creative Week?

A week of celebrating creativity, innovation and culture lies ahead as Cape Town Creative Week (13 - 21 September) and the Loeries Awards (18 - 20 September at Cape Town City Hall) kick off in the Mother City.

From street art to gallery exhibitions, walking tours, lectures and parties, the 2014 Creative Week celebrates the Mother City's energy and diversity.

With 150 events staged during this week, curator Shani Judes has organised a series of public art experiences that will explore various types of public art, from the CBD to the Cape Flats, and Khayelitsha. Creative Week Studio Tours offer a glimpse into the processes, spaces and personalities of local creatives:

  • 15 September: 11h00-12h00 Lalela Project * 14h00-15h00 Mike Buckland, Triggerfish Animation
  • 16 September: 10h00-11h00 Marc Block, Black Ginger * 11h00-12h00 Greame Arendse, Chimurenga Mag * 13h00-14h00 Workshop 17 with James du Plessis of Wolff Architects
  • 17 September: 11h30-12h30 Anthony Smith, 2BOP * 13h00-14h00 Jasper Eales Original, Atang Tshikare and Taariq Latiff at The WoodStock Exchange * 14h30-15h30 Kate Thompson, Recreate
  • 18 September: 12h00-13h00 Jenny Altshculer, The Cape Town Month of Photography (MOP) * 13h00-14h00 Jimmy Umba Di Umba, Bantu Wear * 15h00-16h00 Yang Zhao, Beijing Opera
  • 19 September: 10h00-11h00 Heather Moore, Skinny LaMinx * 11h30-12h30: Brad Baard and team, Cape Town Carnival

Here are some more of the many highlights of this year's Creative Week programme:

  • John Kramer Solo Exhibition at the Irma Stern Museum. From 10h00-17h00.
  • Open studio at Spier Arts Academy on 18 September. From 10h00-14h00 in Union House, 25 Commercial Street.
  • Khayelitsha Mural Tour with Juma Mkwela of Township Art Tours on 20 September 2014
  • Joint Open BookFestival events are plentiful. The Cape Town OpenBook Festival takes place from 17 - 21 September at the Fugard Theatre. 
  • International Park(ing) day is on the 19th September, and Capetonians can look forward to transformed designated city parking spaces into temporary urban mini-parks, park(ing) spaces. Read more about International Park(ing) Day here
  • Instagram Competition: The MyCreativeWeek instagram competition asks: What does creativity look like in Cape Town. So use your imagination and submit your photo that best represent creativity while tagging it with #MyCreative Week@CreativeCT and mention where the photo was taken. Submissions between 13 -21 September. 


Anyone wanting to add their event to the programme should also do so through the website. There are several categories: 

  • Learn – events that expand the mind from lectures to launches
  • Play – fun happenings that defy conventional categorisation
  • Move – activities that get people on the go – whether walking, cycling or doing yoga
  • See – anything visual goes such as film screenings, street art  interventions or pop-up exhibitions
  • Do – events that require active participation like classes or networking events
  • Hear – all things auditory from opera to spoken word

About Creative Cape Town

Cape Town Creative Week is a project of 'Creative Cape Town' and is a platform for creative thinkers - and doers - to gather together, express, collaborate and contribute to the rich texture of Cape Town’s creative life. Creative Week is a crowd-sourced event as described above.

Creative Cape Town is a programme of Cape Town Partnership, a non-profit organisation, 'that brings people together around common goals for Cape Town’s transformation'. Their intention is to build creative links between local craftspeople, artists, as well as innovative industries and highlighting Cape Town the World Design Capital 2014.

Creative Cape Town is a programme of Cape Town Partnership, a non-profit organisation, 'that brings people together around common goals for Cape Town’s transformation'

Make sure to have a look at their bi-monthly community magazine 'Molo'. A really great read!

There will be concerts, art walks and talks, design competitions, studio tours, exhibitions and the prestigious Loerie Award night taking place during Creative Week 2014.

And not to forget: This year's Creative Week competition:

Take part in the Instagram Competition:

'What does creativity look like in Cape Town?'

So use your imagination and submit your photo that best represent creativity while tagging it with #MyCreative Week@CreativeCT and mention where the photo was taken. Submissions only between 13  and 21 September. 

Cape Town Creative Week Events

  • When? September 13 - 21, 2014
  • Where? Cape Town City Hall, The Fringe and many other Cape Town venues.
  • How much? Tickets for the concerts can be purchased through Computicket.
  • The sessions are made possible through a grant from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) and the input of "Creative Cape Town".

For more information on the Creative Week Cape Town event, where to submit an event and the line-up, visit the official Creative Week Events Calendar 2014.

Source: Thanks to Rabbit in a Hat Communications for organising participation for the Cape Town Creative Week media launch event 2014. Creative explorers are advised to watch the Creative Week calendar or follow on Twitter @CreativeCT or facebook on Creative Cape Town.

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