Your Expat's guide to Living and Working in Cape Town South Africa

Our Cape Town expat guide shall provide facts and helpful resources for everybody searching genuine information about real life in South Africa’s Mother City.

Eight years ago we moved from England to this sunny place at the tip of the African continent and still enjoy our life in 'Kaapstad' every day. We have seen a lot, experienced a lot and learnt a lot...and now we want to share our insights with you.

This guide covers the daily practicalities of living in Cape Town as well as highlights many aspects of daily life: The customs and culture of this amazing place, monthly events worth knowing about and where to find help when struggling with any of life's challenges. Here you can read all about the living standard and the daily cost of living and find many helpful guides for housing, shopping, schooling with lots of handy tips.

In ExpatCapeTown, we want to show you why this city is so attractive not only to tourists but also to the many expats who make this city their new home. Of course, popular tourist attractions will be included, but, hey, what is better than being a tourist? Experience and enjoy everyday life in Cape Town.

Expat Cape Town - Unique Guide with unique Perspective

This guide will show you more than the average travel guide as it includes many topics which people who move and live here need or want to know about. The collection of useful information in this expat guide stems from our own experiences from many years of living and working in South Africa and includes tips from many expatriates of various nationalities who share their insights in our forum.

Here we will tell you all you should know about the relocation and immigration process when moving to the Mother City, how to cope with culture shock when settling in the country and in general, how expatriates cope with daily life’s challenges when living here.

One of the most important issues regarding any relocation surely is to get real information about crime and safety. You might wonder where the safe and good housing areas are? Or where to shop for your cravings? Well, look no further, we have it covered.

Or maybe you plan to move here with your children, so you might look for advice on how and where to find the right school and what the new lifestyle can offer to your family. We can give you that advice because we moved here with our children and have been through all this and are getting more experienced by the day.

Finally, you will find lots of useful resources and helpful links mentioned on each page too, so our website should cover pretty much everything you need to know when moving or living here. ...And in case, you miss a thing, simply drop us a line or share some of your tips.

So now sit back and enjoy our guide!

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