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2012 - 2013 - 2014

South African schools usually divide their academic year into four terms.

The school year starts mid of January and ends at the beginning of December. But dates vary slightly from school to school.

Private schools often add another week either before or after the official state school holidays. The dates below consider the public schools holidays.Please check with the individual schools for exact dates as I can only give the holiday dates published by the Education department.

Therefore these dates are only rough guidelines if your children are in private schools in South Africa. But remember these dates are also good to know even if the holidays of your child's school are different when you want to book your travels or flights.

A school term usually has got 10 weeks of instruction and around 200 days of schooling. Often the public holidays are incorporated into a short term-break holiday. Remember that there is no mid-term break holiday as there is in the UK school calendar.

Please be aware that the dates below are the School Terms of the Western Cape and the coastal provinces of South Africa including also the Eastern Cape. KwaZulu Natal and the Northern Cape.

The schools in inland provinces Gauteng, Freestate, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West always start their first schoolterm in January one week earlier than the coastal provinces.

If you are interested to read more about schooling in Cape Town South Africa, please click here.

School Terms 2012 for Cape Town

For 2012 the South African Schools in the Western Cape the school terms are as follows:

Term 1: 11 January – 23 March 2012

------Autumn Holidays-----

Term 2: 10 April – 22 June 2012

------Winter Holidays-----

Term 3: 16 July – 28 September 2012

------Spring Holidays-----

Term 4: 8 October – 7 December 2012

------Summer Holidays-----

School Terms 2013 in Cape Town

School terms for 2013 are as follows:

Term 1: 9 January – 20 April 2013

------Autumn Break-----

Term 2: 9 April – 22 June 2013

------Winter Break------

Term 3: 15 July – 20 September 2013

------Spring Break------

Term 4: 1 October – 4 December 2013

------Summer Break-----

School Terms 2014 in Cape Town

Proposed School terms for 2014 are as follows:

Term 1: 15 January – 28 March 2014

------Autumn Holidays-----

Term 2: 7 April – 27 June 2014

------Winter Holidays------

Term 3: 21 July – 3 October 2014

------Spring Holidays------

Term 4: 13 October – 10 December 2014

------Summer Holidays-----

Please check out your child's school holiday calendars. Beware that if your children attend different school, the holiday dates might differ significantly. One child might be off school when the other one already has to be back at school!

So know your term dates and plan your holidays carefully!

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