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The Best Cape Town Events 

Looking for great events in July and what to do and see in Cape Town this winter? Here you will find lots of tips and info on great events in the Mother City.

The South African winter school holidays are around the corner, and there are many great music shows and dance and arts festivals taking place in July in the Mother City. 

Cape Town City Hall

Then there are also all those great South African festivals a bit further out of town but still so worth the travels, such as for visiting the splendid Oyster Festival in Knysna or Franschhoek's Bastille Day Celebrations.

And if you ever wondered if there is snow in Cape Town, I can tell you that there may be no snow in the city, due to its seaside location, it can still feel quite chilly and you can see snow on the higher grounds near Cape Town especially around Ceres and the Overberg Region. So if you long for your kids to be able to touch some real snow, take them out to Matroosberg and let them enjoy the white wonder. 

So take a look at our listing of great events in Cape Town and enjoy!

Events in Cape Town in July 2016

• Cape Town, V & A Waterfront: Floating Bookfair. 24 June to 11 July 2016. On Jetty 2. Tickets: R5. More info.

• Cape Town, City Hall: Francofesty - International Music and Arts Festival. 8 July 2016. Motto: Bring people and cultures together. More info.

• Cape Town, Royal Yacht Club: Lipton Cup Challenge. 8 - 15 July 2016. Enjoy watching the races in Table Bay. More info.

• Cape Town, Baxter Theatre: Cape Town Funny Festival. 11 July 2016 - 7 August 2016. Annual Festival with South Africa's best comedians and many international highlights. Tickets: From R170. More info.

• Cape Town, Baxter Theatre: Brother Love 2. 13 - 16 July 2016. South African Adam brothers return to stage. Tickets: From R130. More info.

• Cape Town, Artscape Theatre: The Vortex. 15 - 18 July 2016. Noel Coward play presented by Cape Town City Ballet. Tickets: From R150. More info.

• Cape Town, Artscape Theatre: My Fair Lady. 16 July 2016 - 7 August 2016. Award-winning Musical. More info.

• Cape Town, V & A Waterfront: Nelson Mandela International Day. 18 July 2016. More info.

• Cape Town, Artscape Theatre: From Bonteheuwel to Amsterdam. 31 July 2016. Inspiring musical production. Tickets: From R100. More info.

More Western Cape Events in July

• Knysna: Oyster Festival: 1 - 10 July 2016. Oysters, oysters, oysters and lots of great entertainment, sports events, competitions and fun for young and old. More info.

• Tulbagh, Guinevere Farm: Third Best Exotic Marigold Weekends. 8 - 10 July 2016 - 8. Enjoy great food, yoga and make new friends at these Indian cooking classes at a stunning venue. Apply for discounts for booking from our page. Tickets: Early bird special from R3490. More info.

• Gordons Bay: Winterwonderland. 1 - 3 July 2016. Enjoy 'Christmas' in July in the Western Cape with festival of lights until 18 July 2016. More info.

Cape Town Events in July for Kids

• Cape Town, Artscape Theatre: More Adventures of Noddy. 27 June 2016 - 9 July 2016. All time family favourite, especially for the little ones. Tickets: R60. More info.

• Cape Town, Grand West: Disney on Ice. 6 - 10 July 2016. Your favourite Disney moments come alive. Tickets: From R150, More info.

• Cape Town, Grand West: Dora the Explorer. 15 - 17 July 2016. Fun filled musical production about Nickelodeon's 'Dora private adventure'. Especially recommended for families with young kids. Tickets: From R185. More info.


There are so many great childrens shows, kids activities and holiday clubs during the Winter School Holidays in the Western Cape which are from 25 June 2016 until 17 July 2016. Remember that private schools might close or start again at different dates.

More Cape Town Kids events in July here.

Great Events - not only for expats

• Cape Town, American Society of South Africa: America Day Celebrations: 4 July 2016. American Independence Celebrations. Get in touch with Americans in Cape Town and contact the American Society of South Africa (ASSA) for more info.

• Franschhoek: Bastille Day Celebrations. 16 - 17 July 2016. Indulge in French food and wine and enjoy the parade and many activities for the whole family. Cost: R220. More info. 

Any other events in Cape Town we should add here? Please contact us and share your info. Other expatriates in Cape Town will be grateful to hear a lecture, see a play or listen to music from their home countries too. Thanks a lot for your help:)

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