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ExpatCapeTown Newsletter, November 2017, How safe is Cape Town?
November 25, 2017

Welcome to our Cape Town Living Tips

November 2017

Dear all,

fortunately Mother Nature has been kind the last weeks and we finally had some rain, albeit not really much. The water levels at the dams supplying water to our city have recovered a tiny bit. Still the situation is worrisome. We are still at Phase 1 of the critical water shortages disaster plan implemented by the City of Cape Town in October. This means that although we are at Level 5 water restrictions (max. 87 litre per person/day), water rationing through extreme pressure reduction and limiting supply is experienced. Rationing of water will lead to intermittent supply and shortages are most likely to occur during peak hours in the morning and evenings. There will not be a complete shutdown yet, but water outages are possible. So it is strongly advised to keep up to 5 litres of water for essential use for drinking and food preparation, but please do not store excessive amounts of municipal water.

Let us all save as much water as we can so that our dams will not go dry. This has unfortunately already happened in other parts of the province. However, as the residential use only accounts for 15% of the total water consumption, our appeal goes out especially to all of us who lead businesses or factories in the province. How to manage the water restrictions?

The last weeks of the year are approaching rapidly and with South Africa’s main holiday season around the corner, the festive atmosphere gradually is setting in. From mid December business life in the city will almost come to a standstill and holidaymakers from all over the country as well as from overseas will be coming to explore our wonderful beaches and the city’s popular attractions. On the evening of the 3rd of December 2017, the Christmas lights in Grand Parade will be switched on and some of South Africa’s leading artists such as Jimmy Nevis and Freshlyground will take the stage at the Cape Town City Hall to entertain and celebrate the festive lights that will be switched on from 16h00 onwards.

Now enjoy our newsletter and have a great time in Cape Town or wherever you are!

Updates and News

This is what you will find in this ExpatCapeTown newsletter edition:

* All you should know: Crime Statistics 2017 - How to stay safe in Cape Town

* What's on in Cape Town: November and December events

* Typical Slang Words: snoek and lobola

* Cape Town Insider Tips: Know where to go when...

South Africa Crime Statistics 2017 - How to stay safe in Cape Town

The latest crime statistics for South Africa have been published at the end of October. We have updated our pages and recommend to read our safety tips and take note of the local emergency numbers. Wishing you a wonderful and safe festive season!

Read more here about the latest South Africa crime statistics 2017

What's On in Cape Town?

There are many events happening in Cape Town this festive season as you will also see on our ExpatCapeTown event calendar. Visit the various Cape Town christmas markets and enjoy an evening out at one of the many open-air Christmas carol concerts and festive season festivals. On our December calendar you will also find the latest additions to Cape Town’s NYE events, please remember to book the end of year festivities as soon as possible.

Events in November

Events in December

Cape Town NYE Events

So make sure to know what’s going on in Cape Town and keep busy while exploring your surroundings and taking part in the many events which are offered at this time of the year. Christmas is coming nearer and if you are keen to stock up on handmade and unique local gifts and presents, make sure to visit the many lovely Cape Town markets and Christmas fairs. Find out more about the festive season in Cape Town on our special pages.

Christmas Concerts

Christmas Markets

Spread the Love - Help a Good Cause

Do you have some spare time on your hands, then you should consider supporting the SAYes foundation, a wonderful organisation working with youth in care homes. SAYes is currently looking for new mentors for their 2018 mentorship program, these mentors should be prepared to spend one hour a week with a young person, to help them through the most crucial transition stage from childhood to adulthood. Read more here:

Typical South African terms

What is snoek? This term refers to a local delicacy. Snoek is a local fish caught off the Western Cape coast. The tasty fish with oily and flaky white flesh is usually put on a braai and enjoyed then freshly grilled or eaten smoked.

What means 'lobola'? This South African term refers to the payment the groom gives to the family of the bride as a token of appreciation. This old African tradition is still upheld in South Africa, especially in rural areas. This tradition is also meant as a way of showing that that groom is able to financially support his wife.

South African Slang Words

Expat Cape Town Insider Tips

Intending to travel overseas with your family this festive season? Remember that when travelling with minors, you must take along the unabridged child birth certificates if leaving or entering South Africa. Also take note, that when only one parent is travelling with a minor, further documents such as an affidavit is required. Please have a look at these important family travel requisites explained in detail here: Expat Cape Town guide: Traveling with minors

Moving overseas and in the process of selling your car? It’s now easy and quick to do so! Check out CarZar and get a free online quote and instant payment. Find out more here: Carzar

Looking for a fun day out with your young kids? Bugz Playpark, the largest playpark in the Western Cape, is marking their 10th birthday with an exclusive bash to celebrate the milestone of parties, play dates, and fun. On 9 December 2017, the playpark in Kraaifontein is hosting heaps of fun and educational activities for kids aged 2 – 10 years old. Read more about Bugz Playpark

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ExpatCapeTown Facebook Forum

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Living in South Africa e-book

What’s coming in the Next Newsletter?

Be surprised! ExpatCapeTown brings you the most up-to-date stories and insights on expat life in Cape Town. Just rest assured, that the next newsletter will provide more insights and more tips! In the meantime, please do not hesitate to come back to us on the website, on Facebook or on twitter and share your tips and insights, all kinds of comments very welcome! Contact us here

Enjoy your life wherever you are! Best regards,


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