A very warm welcome to the ExpatCapeTown Newsletter in August 2010.
Are you planning to move to Cape Town with teenagers? This Cape Town Expat Newsletters was written especially for families with kids and teenagers in mind.

This is what you will find in this issue:

1. Hot Tips for Travelers and Expats: Cape Town with Teenagers

2. Event of the Month: Cape Wildflower Festivals

3. Inside Cape Town: Living in Steenberg

4. Typical South African: china and sarmie

5. Cape Town Insider Tips: Know where to go…?

Hot Tips for Expats and Travelers: CapeTown with Teenagers

Many recent comments on my website referred to living in Cape Town with kids and teenagers and so I want to give you a realisitic insight into Mother City living with teenies.

Surely living with teens in your home is often challenging especially when you live abroad and do not have your usual network. Your teenage kids get more independent and selfconfident but often do not act responsible enough. Especially safety issues come to mind when moving to Cape Town and you will also need good info on schools you choose as a good education plays not only a vital role for the academic success but also a healthy social and emotional development of the young persons.

But visiting South Africa or living in Cape Town with Teenagers does not have to be a frightening challenge, it can help your child to become a more socially active and involved young person.

Here are some tips for making your time in Cape Town with Teenagers even more enjoyable:

• Before any trip get as much information material like books, websites and videos about the city and country to help your child to learn about the new culture and get an idea what will await them.

• Raise awareness of different cultural cues. Discuss your own cultural upbringing and try to learn as much as you can about the different awareness of space, time and communication.

Get more info in my Culture Shock Guide here.

• Getting the right education in South Africa? The private schools in and around Cape Town offer exceptional good results when it comes to academic success, high passing rates in exams, special support and committed teaching. The private schools usually offer IEB exams and some of the schools even offer international exams like the German Abitur or the English A Level. So you will not need to worry if your South African exams will get accepted overseas.

• What about safety for teenagers in Cape Town? Well, this is one of the less popular topics, as expat teenagers often find that the parents "over"protect, but here you would not want your child to hang out late and therefore usually stricter curfews are called for or special precautions have to be taken. On the other hand many parents prefer to know where their kids hang out and as here most of the times you need to drive your teenies to meet their friends, you will know where and with whom your teenage kids spend their time. This is definitely one notion which always comes up in discussions and parents enjoy the little "control" they still have when living in South Africa.

• What about teenager activities in Cape Town? Actually there are plenty of fun activities for your youngsters which keep them active and involved and to some degree supervised. Please check out my listing below.

Great activitites for teenagers in Cape Town

Event of the Month: Cape Wildflower Festivals

August and September are great month for admiring the lovely wildflowers in bloom at the Western Cape.

As the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out with all her strength, it is the time to enjoy the great outdoors with still mild temperatures. My personal favorite place to see the colorful wildflowers is Posberg Nature Reserve near Langebaan a one hour trip north of Cape Town.

The Westcoast Nature Reserve is such a peaceful place for a outing and the lagoon is such a wonderful setting for a special day out too. Your kids will enjoy this outing as well, as there is a lot of wildlife to see. Just beware of the snakes;)

But there are lots of wildflower festivals all around the Cape Peninsula to see the stunning flower displays as well.

More about Cape Town Wildflower Festivals here.

What is on in Cape Town in August and September 2010?

Events in Cape Town in August 2010
Events in Cape Town in September 2010

Living in Steenberg

In this section you will find every month insiders’ tips and advice about one of the many suburbs of Cape Town. So you know where to stay and where to go. This month I choose to bring you some more info about living in Steenberg where quite a few expats choose to live.

Why Steenberg? The popular Cape Town Southern Suburb is located in the Constantia Winevalley and is very popular with the American expats in Cape Town as it is close to several good private schools as well as the American school. However you might object, that Cape Town's Pollsmoor Prison is just across the estate, but this also means great security for the estate. The scenic Steenberg Golfcourse is practically on the doorsteps and it is not far to either the Atlantic ocean at Noordhoek via Ou Kaapse Weg or the Indian Ocean resorts of False Bay. There are many great restaurants, delis, art galleries and smaller boutiques and shops in Steenberg. The Blue Route Mall in Tokai which is currently upgraded and nearby Constantia Shopping Center give a wide variety of shops for all your needs.

Where to stay? The golf estate with the Table Mountain Range as a backdrop has got a spectacular setting looking across the Cape Flats to the False Bay. The houses for sale and to rent at the estate come in all sizes. There is a hotel on the Steenberg Estate too.

Where to go? There are several entertainment and shopping facilities in the area. A visit to the "Bistro Sixteen82" which is located in Steenberg Golf Estate comes highly recommended. The food is delicious and a feast for the eyes, the ambience modern and sophisticated and staff very friendly.

Typical South African terms

What means "china"? This is a special South African term which does mean "friend", "buddie" or "mate" and is often used by teenagers and within the surfer community.

What is a sarmie? When your kids ask you for money to get some sarmies at the school's tuck shop, then you will not have to worrie as these sandwiches usually filled with ham and cheese are surely one of the more healthy lunch option available at tuck shops. Sarmie is simply childrens' slang for sandwich.

Cape Town Insider Tips

What else? Have you tried these…?

Where to find great books and support the local charities? Visit the Cavendish Square Charity Sale which takes place from August 26 to 29, 2010 at Claremont's Cavendish Shopping Center. 32 local charities will benefit this year from this Charity booksale . At last year's charity sale more than 370,000 Rands were donated to 30 charities! So support the local community. This event really makes for a great day out!

Where to watch "Glasgow Celtic" games in Cape Town? For the Scots out there, there is a new supporters club for the "Glasgow Celtics" now in Cape Town. So go down to Mitchell's Brewery Bar at the Waterfront and watch the Glasgow Celtic Matches together with other fans.

Where to find ladies shoes in big sizes? Try Timberland in Canal Walk Shopping Centre or Woolworths for ladies' shoes size 8 and bigger.

What’s coming in the Next Newsletter?

As ExpatCapeTown wants to bring you the most up to date stories and insights, please be patient and let me surprise you with more great news about the Mother City.

Just be assured, there will be lots of more great tips and advice, so be sure to subscribe my newsletter and take a look at my website which is ever expanding.

And please come back with more great tips from your site, all kinds of comments very welcome! Contact me here.

Have a great time in Cape Town or wherever you are!


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