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ExpatCapeTown Newsletter, August 2017, South Africa immigration policy changes
August 16, 2017

Welcome to our Cape Town Living Tips

August 2017

Dear all,

finally back from our extended holiday, which gave us a longer break than anticipated, but full of energy, we embrace the second half of the year. Lots going on in South Africa as we have seen during the last couple of days, but fortunately all peaceful developments. Glued to the radio over the last days, we are glad that all events went so smoothly and now we all will wait and see which developments will happen over the next months.

Winter has treated the Cape kindly, replenishing at least partly our water stores as well as with lots of sunshine, blue skies and mild temperatures. The meagre water reserves are only very slowly replenishing so please keep on preserving the precious resource. The dams are still only 28% full and thus there is still a very long way to go to have an adequate amount to head into summer and water restrictions continue to apply. Read more here.

Read more about the City of Cape Town Water Restrictions Level 4

August is usually the start of the wildflower season in South Africa. Although we already can spot some lovely yellow daisies along West Coast, we have been informed that the Clanwilliam flower show for this year unfortunately has been cancelled due to the drought and the smaller than usual amount of wildflowers in that area. However, please continue to support the West Coast region as the concerts, exhibitions and other events of the season will still go ahead.

Now enjoy our newsletter and have a great time in Cape Town or wherever you are!

Updates and News

This is what you will find in this ExpatCapeTown newsletter edition:

* All you should know: Immigration - White Paper 2017

* What's on in Cape Town: August and September events

* Typical Slang Words: slap chips and tannie

* Cape Town Insider Tips: Know where to go when...

South Africa Immigration News: White Paper 2017

The new White Paper on International Migration which was published by the Department of Home Affairs on 28 July 2017, argues that South Africa ‘has not yet built consensus at policy, legislative and strategic levels on how to manage international migration for development.’ Therefore a new White Paper has been drafted after the last one was adopted over 18 years ago. In our article we will introduce the anticipated changes in the immigration regulations to you. The changes described in the White Paper are expected to be implemented within the next two years. Click on the image to read more.

Planning to move to Cape Town?

Newcomers to Cape Town always cherish the information and settling-in tips which are provided by expats who have done the move already, as we all can learn from each other, discover new paths to take and experience new places. Therefore we have expanded our expat interview section and have added more interviews for you to get more tips and insights. If you want to share your insights with our readers as well and can help others settle in more easily, fill in one of our expat interview forms. Let us know if you are keen to get featured on our site. Looking forward to hearing from you!

What's On in Cape Town?

There are many events happening in Cape Town in August and September as you will also see on our ExpatCapeTown event calendar. So make sure to know what’s going on in Cape Town and keep busy while exploring your surroundings and taking part in the many events which are offered at this time of the year.

Events in August

Events in September

And check out local design and innovation at the many events hosted by the Open Design Festival which is happening in Cape Town over the next week.

Spread the Love - Help a Good Cause

The Peninsula School Feeding Association is a non-governmental organisation which is active in Cape Town, supporting the wider Cape Town community since 1958. They address the issue of hunger in young learners and students with various fundraising drives throughout the year. Their biggest annual event is the ‘Blisters for Bread’ walk which will take place this year on 27 August. The 10 km run or the 5km fun walk is great to meet and mingle with locals while enjoying the stunning walk along the Seapoint promenade. Your entry fee (register online) of R50 will feed 20 children! Hurry now - online entries only until 20 August.

More about Blisters for Bread

Typical South African terms

What means ‘slap chips’? This South African expression refers to soggy French fries, which are usually drenched in salt and vinegar. This fast food, also spelt as ‘slap tjips’ is available as street food and at local fast food outlets.

What means ‘tannie' in South African English? This term stems from the Afrikaans word for ‘aunt’, means ‘auntie’ but is also used by locals when they refer to any older female and is usually a sign of respect.

South African Slang Words

Expat Cape Town Insider Tips

Do you want to sell your car? It’s now easy and quick to do so! Check out CarZar and get a free online quote and instant payment.experienced more about Cape Town but will also leave having met some new friends.

Want to spice up your cooking? Head to Atlas spice store in the Bokaap? There you will get a whole range of spices and local specialty food products for your cravings especially if you enjoy traditional Cape Malay dishes. And make sure to try the yummy sweet-sour ‘mebos’ sweets which are made from dried apricots.

Looking for the perfect place to watch the Cape Town sunset and enjoy some lovely local seafood? Head to Blowfish Restaurant in Dolphin Beach, where they serve delicious sushi at half price every Wednesday and Sunday between 17h00 and 20h00. Make sure to book ahead.

Do you want place an ad on our new business directory? Due to growing demand to place ads on our forum and on the website, we decided to use our wide expat network and help you promote your local business to the Cape Town expat community directly through our new expat directory. Check out the new directory and contact us for your options and pricing. Private sales and offers will be placed for free. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Expat Cape Town Directory

Do you need more info on living in Cape Town? Make sure to like our new Expat Cape Town Facebook page and be informed of new events, new expat related businesses and read more great news about the Mother City. On the new Facebook page you will find interviews, reviews and interesting reading to make your stay in Cape Town even more enjoyable. Plus this is another place to post your personal housing and job search ads.

Looking for a comprehensive South African expat guide in form of an e-book? If you want to give your foreign friends some more insights on South Africa, showing them why we all love living here, simply order one of our e-books for them. ‘Living in South Africa’ is available in .pdf and .epub form.

Living in South Africa e-book

What’s coming in the Next Newsletter?

Be surprised! ExpatCapeTown brings you the most up-to-date stories and insights on expat life in Cape Town. Just rest assured, that the next newsletter will provide more insights and more tips! In the meantime, please do not hesitate to come back to us on the website, on Facebook or on twitter and share your tips and insights, all kinds of comments very welcome!

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Enjoy your life wherever you are! Best regards,


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