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ExpatCapeTown Newsletter March 2020: Your Expat Cape Town Living Tips
March 12, 2020

Newsletter 0320

Dear all,

2020 started with a wake-up call and keeping positive with all the unsettling news is not always as easily done as said. However, let's all remember to let the sunshine in!

Autumn has now arrived in Cape Town and with it lovely moderate temperatures. Luckily enjoying the hot summer days was easier this year as we still had enough water in our pool for a quick dip, the rainwater tanks provided enough water for the garden and water resources have been refreshed constantly due to several rainy days. Water restrictions finally have been relaxed again to level 1 but load shedding and power cuts are an ongoing issue. Thus make sure to know your zones and electricity cut-off times (read more below) and please be aware that it is still fire season, so please do take care when out and about.

We love to spread the good news, but sometimes we struggle to keep upbeat with all that's going on. The much feared Covid-19 virus has spread to South Africa now as well, and the current developments all over the world create a lot of uncertainty. This impacts also many business sectors, especially the tourism industry, and there is serious concern in the country where the public health sector is underfunded and understaffed and the private sector not available to many people. The situation seems to be under control for now, but we can see from the news from all over the world that leaders worry about the recent developments in many places. The community counts more than ever and we all need to take responsibility for each other. This also means that we all work together and keep to the facts and not pure speculations. We have to pull each other up when the going gets tough and support each other as much as we can. Yes, the South African economy is already in another technical recession while the world wobbles on... We have to push even harder to make things work and consider which are the right steps forward.

So let’s work together and keep positive! The friendly and caring people here make life so much better! Let's learn from each other, be kind and share. Stay positive even when the light only might shine dimly.

Do the right thing, be good and keep smiling! Now enjoy this newsletter and have a great time in Cape Town or wherever you are!

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Enjoy your life wherever you are!

Best regards,

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