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ExpatCapeTown Newsletter, June 2018, Cape Town soccer public viewing and so much more
June 14, 2018

Welcome to our Cape Town Living Tips

June 2018

Dear all,

what a wonderful winter time with lovely warm and sunny days and good rains we have experienced this year. We are thankful for all the rains we received so far and as Ramadan is practised by many in Cape Town, we want to wish all Muslims in our group a Blessed Eid celebration this week.

Of course, we still need more rains to fill our water reservoirs but the rains forecasted for the coming weeks seem promising. In fact, the dams feeding Cape Town’s water supply are slightly increased compared to last year, so we are hopeful the water crisis will be averted. Rainwater storage tanks such as JoJoTanks now are easily available again in most garden centres and builders’ stores. These tanks can easily be connected to your home’s downpipes. Let’s make the most of the rains and keep on saving water, installing alternative water sources, so we all will have a more relaxing summer time next year.

Water Dashboard City of Cape Town 11 June 2018

The first water desalination plant supplying water to the city has come on line. Additional upgrades to the municipal pipework, as well as keeping the Level 6 restrictions in place, will keep the city’s water supply flowing in 2019. But remember, that the drought not only affects the areas around Cape Town, but several regions in the country. Have a look at the South Africa map below, which displays the current drought levels around the country.

In case this is news to you - just some basic points to remember in regards to the water situation: The monthly water usage should be at maximum 1,500 litres per person (or 6,000 litres per standard household). The 50-litres-per-person-allowance refers to usage per day, whether you use water at home, at work, at the gym or at school. Households with more than four residents are advised to register with the City of Cape Town to avoid penalties. 

In South Africa, 16 June is celebrated as Youth Day. On this day, numerous celebrations will take place and the city’s museums will be granting free entry to all. Here some information on what Youth Day means for South Africans.

Youth Day explained

In 1995 Mandela said: “June 16, South Africa Youth Day, is a paid public holiday. We celebrate June 16, 1995 after our first Freedom Year, with new and bigger challenges facing the youth. You were in the forefront of the liberation struggle. Today you must be in the forefront of reconstruction and development. […] Together let us build that bright future. Masakhane!

Let us all stand up against inequality, stand together as one human race and live according to the wise words of Nelson Mandela.

Now enjoy our newsletter and have a great time in Cape Town or wherever you are!

Updates and News

This is what you will find in this ExpatCapeTown newsletter edition:

* All you should know: Soccer in Cape Town - where to watch the world cup matches

* What's on in Cape Town: June Events and July Events

* Typical Xhosa Words: 'masakhane' and 'laduma'

* Cape Town Insider Tips: Know where to go when...

World Cup Fever in Cape Town

The memories of the soccer world cup held in South Africa in 2010 will remain forever in our hearts. Nothing can beat the togetherness we felt with all people living in South Africa, whether locals or internationals, whatever race, colour or religion.

Let’s try to recreate the team spirit and cheer for all the participants of the 2018 tournament which will be held in Russia between 14 June and 15 July.

There will be various public screenings in popular restaurants, bars and clubs, among them are the places listed below. Please remember to book your seat ahead, as most places have only limited spots available

* Firemans Arms Pub & Restaurant in Cape Town CBD

* Beer House on Long Street in Cape Town CBD

* Quay Four, Mitchell’s Brewery and Ferrymans at the V&A Waterfront

* German Club in Gardens

* Rick’s Cafe Americain in Gardens - but closed on Sundays

* French School in Sea Point for the French matches - book at the school

* Collin’s Butcher and Grill in Durbanville

South African television channel SABC1 will screen all matches live between 17h30 and 24h.

May the best team win, may dreams come true and the best team write history! If you wonder what the national teams’ slogans are, have a look here: Team Slogans 2018

What's On in Cape Town?

There are many events happening in Cape Town this winter as you will see on our ExpatCapeTown event calendar.

Events in June 2018

Events in July 2018

The Cape Town public schools will be closed from 23 June until 16 July 2018. Please note, that private schools might follow different term calendars.

On our ‘holiday activities’ page, you will find lots of great events, shows and workshops to keep your youngsters entertained. Find our tips here

Spread the Love - Help a Good Cause

The 50th Blisters for Bread walk will take place on 26 August 2018. The annual 5km and 10km walks start at Green Point Cricket Club. This event is a great way to meet like-minded people. The organiser’s motto is: Together we must defeat hunger because you can’t teach a hungry child. Every entry of R60 feeds one child per month! So get some friends together and motivate your family, or even start an awareness campaign in your company, school or college and organise a team entry. It’s really a fun event to join!

Read more about the Blisters for Bread Walk and the Peninsula School Feeding Association

Let's learn some isiXhosa

What means ‘masakhane’ as used in the Nelson Mandela quote above? The word originates from the Nguni languages and means ‘stand together’. It was used in Apartheid times to display solidarity among the different peoples in the fight against injustice. Literally it means ‘let’s build one another together’

What means ‘laduma’? This is one word you want to hear often during the world cup. People will shout it excitedly! ‘laduuuuuuma’ means ‘gooooal’.

South African Slang Words

Expat Cape Town Insider Tips

28 June is Museums Night at the V&A Waterfront. Entry to all the museums in the district is free between 17h and 22h, so make sure to support this wonderful initiative and enjoy the exhibitions of the numerous museums at the popular Cape Town Waterfront. Read more here.

From 16 - 26 July, the Cape Town Refugee Food Festival will take place. During the event, you can sample exciting dishes from Angolan tapas to Congolese cupcakes, even cooking classes are on offer. Come along and support the fantastic initiative. Read more here: Refugee food festival

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Living in South Africa e-book

What’s coming in the Next Newsletter?

Be surprised! ExpatCapeTown brings you the most up-to-date stories and insights on expat life in Cape Town. Just rest assured, that the next newsletter will provide more insights and more tips! In the meantime, please do not hesitate to come back to us on the website, on Facebook or on Twitter and share your tips and insights, all kinds of comments very welcome! Contact us here

Enjoy your life wherever you are!

Best regards,


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